General Dentistry

Meadowglen Dental Care is a patient-centered practice that is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction. We respect your time by offering evening and weekend appointments. We work with you in order to give you the dental treatment you deserve. Our team works to provide affordable, accessible general and cosmetic dental care and will work with you to make sure you receive the services you need, while remaining within budget. Let us restore that bright, radiant smile today!

Gum Treatment at Meadowglen Dental Care in Whitby, ON.

Gum Treatment

Gum disease is a condition impacting the tissues surrounding the tooth. Warning signs include bleeding gums during brushing, bad breath, sensitive and swollen gums, and loose or shifting teeth. We can help tailor a treatment plan for you to keep your gums and entire mouth healthy!

White Fillings at Meadowglen Dental Care in Whitby, ON.


White fillings, or composite fillings are tooth-colored plastic fillings used to restore teeth from decay. These specific fillings don’t darken the tooth over time like amalgam (metal fillings) can.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Meadowglen Dental Care in Whitby, ON.


A highly individualized treatment, this dental health plan optimizes the teeth, gums, and bite by examining every tooth and replacing or restoring using a combination of dental services.

Digital X-Rays at Meadowglen Dental Care in Whitby, ON.


Digital X-rays use sensors rather than photographic film. The benefits to this method are the patient is exposed to significantly less radiation and results can be saved electronically.
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