Halina I. from Oshawa
Halina I. from Oshawa

Being a mother of three daughters, I had never hesitated to put myself last. As my girls grew up, my husband and I worked hard to make sure that their every need and wish was met, including creating beautiful and well-functioning smiles. For years I had admired every beautiful  smile I had seen and always found myself wishing  that I didn’t have to hide the smile I’d been self-conscious of for as long as I can remember.

Finally in my 50’s, after meeting and building a trusting relationship with Dr. Gandhi, I learned my smile wasn’t just something leading me to be self- conscious, but also, was leading to further (hidden) dental issues. Soon enough, without assistance, I could lose what was left of my smile.

At the beginning I was nervous about the cost and complexity of the procedure Dr. Gandhi suggested, feeling that perhaps it was not worth the trouble, and I could just as easily continue hiding my smile. After a lot of convincing from my family, that it wasn’t too late and that I needed to put myself first, I decided to finally step up and show myself some TLC.

Right from the beginning, support from Dr. Gandhi and his team made each visit as smooth, efficient and enjoyable as possible. Very few places can make you feel right at home, and very few individuals can make you feel like family quite like the environment and team at Meadowglen Dental Care.

After months of treatment, the day I had been waiting for all along had finally come. Upon first glance in the mirror, my eyes immediately welled with tears.  Not surprisingly, when I looked around, all of the individuals I had developed a relationship with at Meadowglen Dental Care, were just as excited about the final moment as I was. While I had felt it all along, at that moment I truly appreciated just how much this practice is designed with the patients in mind and to try to change their lives.

I wish there were some way to truly thank Dr. Gandhi and his team for making such a profound difference in my life. While some people feel it may not be that valuable of a treatment, I’ve learned it’s impossible to put a price on being able to live life without holding back and being able to show my true happiness every day. My only one regret was that I didn’t give in earlier; I could have had this smile all along. But I suppose everyone was right, sometimes you need to do something for yourself and it’s never too late to have what you’ve always wished for.

–          Halina I. from Oshawa

Tim, Jan, Mel, and Neil
Tim, Jan, Mel, and Neil

To the entire Staff of Meadowglen Dental Care:

We, the Sopko Family (Tim, Janet, Melissa & Neil), would like to let you know how pleased and “Over-the-Top” satisfied we are with the Personal Service (and just as important), the obvious Caring every one of you have shown us over the years.

In addition to the pleasure it is dealing with Professionals such as every one of you are, allow us to mention how much we appreciate the friendliness, warmth and welcome you give every time we walk through your door.

As you may or may not know, we relocated from the province of Quebec almost a decade ago (and leaving behind a Dental Practitioner whom we thought “could not be beat”), we began a multi-year quest to find someone who could at least come close to our high expectations.

We obviously were fortunate enough to not only come close, but surpass in every respect our family’s varied dental care needs.

As an added bonus, we were able to make friends with the most competent, caring, easy-going, and flexible group of individuals we’ve seen or heard of in the field.

We are proud of the fact that we can call all of you at the Meadowglen Dental Care office Friends, and would highly recommend (in fact, encourage) anyone/everyone to go through your doors, enjoy a Coffee, Tea, and/or Consultation to familiarize yourself with you guys and your genuine approach to caring.

Thanks for being there;
Tim, Jan, Mel, and Neil 

Gordon Emmerson
Gordon Emmerson

I first came to Dr. Gandhi when I arrived in Ontario six years ago. It was he who suggested, and later performed, procedures on my upper incisors that were first damaged over forty years ago. One had a chip missing from one corner of the crown — the result of a childhood accident. Its opposite number was discolored as a result of the same accident. In the interval, I’d had five different dentists in three different provinces, and none had even suggested treatment. From my teens onward, I had learned to smile with my mouth closed (a habit that is hard to break), but Dr. Gandhi gave me my smile back. I have always been impressed with Dr. Gandhi’s competence and professionalism. I even followed him through two other dental offices to stay with him. I am also very impressed with the team he has assembled at Meadowglen. Together at the chair, Sarah and Dr. Gandhi work as one well-oiled unit. Gentle Jenna cleans my teeth with the finest touch. And Kaitlynn gives me that heads-up when an appointment is drawing near. All this is accomplished in the most comfortably laid-out and welcoming dental office I’ve ever experienced. If you want the finest in dental care, you couldn’t do better than the team at Meadowglen.

Kim Childs
Kim Childs

During the past few years as a patient of Dr. Gandhi’s, I have received exceptional care.

My initial consultations with Dr. Gandhi included sound recommendations regarding my optimum oral health. I was so impressed that he had such an enhanced interest to ensure “the right decisions and appropriate care” were addressed especially when the advice for additional dental work was to be provided by a different doctor. Dr. Gandhi also took the time to refer me to Professionals who met my particular requirements. It is clear and comforting to know that Dr. Gandhi has my best interest in mind.

All of my appointments with Dr. Gandhi have been positive experiences with excellent results. I have also had two minor emergencies and his office immediately accommodated my needs with first-rate results.

Jenna is amazing at cleaning my teeth; and I truly appreciate that she always takes the time to provide me with feedback regarding her observations of “what’s going on inside my mouth” as well as keeping me informed about my daughters’ oral hygiene. Jenna is gentle and thorough; and my teeth always look great when she is finished.

Kaitlynn always manages to accommodate my family’s busy schedules. She is wonderful and a complete pleasure every time I visit the office.

I truly can’t say enough great things about my experiences with Dr. Gandhi’s practice. Everyone I recommend to this practice has always returned to thank me for the referral because they are extremely pleased with their decision to become patients of Dr. Gandhi and his outstanding team.

My experiences have all been wonderful and I will continue to recommend my friends to Dr. Gandhi’s practice so they too can enjoy the professional and expert care my family enjoys.

Kevin, Vivianne, Chris and Dominic
Kevin, Vivianne, Chris and Dominic

Our family has been continually impressed with the service, patient care, and professional atmosphere and character always presented by Dr. Sunjay Gandhi and his entire staff at Meadowglen Dental Care.

We have been coming regularly to Dr. Gandhi for all of our dental care for over 6 years and the reason is clear – he and his staff demonstrate a commitment to high quality patient care that is hard to find in any professional health care service.

Everything from dental hygiene and cleaning to complex procedures and advice on dental care is always undertaken with our health and comfort in mind. And of course the personal touch, friendship and camaraderie extended by the team that Dr. Gandhi has built at Meadowglen (thanks Sunjay, Kaitlynn, Jenna, Sarah!) is second to none and will keep us coming back.

My family and I extend our appreciation and gratitude for such highly professional patient care and will continue to use the services that Dr. Gandhi and his team provides at Meadowglen for years to come. There is no hesitation on our part in recommending Meadowglen Dental Care – you owe it to yourself and your dental health to make that first appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

Kim Thompson
Kim Thompson

Dr. Gandhi and his team are top notch in everything they do. From the time you walk through the door, you are greeted with a friendly smile and it just gets better from there.

As a child, I was terrified of a dentist and my nervousness was one I had my entire life. When I had children I wouldn’t sleep the night before knowing what “the dentist” would be doing to them. But all that changed in 2004 when I met Dr. Gandhi.

My husband and I were days away from leaving on a trip to Hawaii. I had a tooth that was bothering me, but didn’t do anything about it until the pain got so severe. I called the office, where Dr. Gandhi was working at that time. On that first meeting with Dr. Gandhi he advised me my tooth would need to be pulled. That was the beginning of the best experience I had ever had with a Dentist!!

My children followed me, in fact Dr. Gandhi changed offices and we waited for his new office to open rather than going elsewhere.

My eldest son had braces through another office. As soon as Dr. Gandhi saw his smile he knew right away what needed to be done. The braces had left marks on his teeth that were truly visible. He then asked me to bring in school photos so he could look at his smile and noticed his soft teeth were shortening a bit each year. Dr. Gandhi spoke with us about Veneers and it was the best dental work I have ever seen, he was even able to match the color of his other teeth. My son now feels much better on stage, smiling and singing with his beautiful teeth and perfect smile.

A few years later, our daughter also needed braces, but I was fearful the same thing would happen to her. Dr. Gandhi recommended Invisalign for her and was even able to show us the progression from Day 1 until completion. She was thrilled she only had to wear them 10 months compared to the three years her brother wore his braces.

I would recommend Dr. Gandhi as a knowledgeable Professional who is truly proud of the work he does and rightly so.

Oh, did I mention that we moved 2 hours from Whitby and Dr. Gandhi will continue to be our Dentist.

Robert, Brenda, and Megan Dancey
Robert, Brenda, and Megan Dancey

After moving to Whitby from Montreal 12 years ago, we went through the process of trying to find a good dentist. Of course until you try them – you really do not know. So our first experiences were not the greatest. We were very lucky to find Dr. Gandhi and his team several years ago. Right from the beginning – the whole experience has been great. The emphasis has always been on consulting with us so that we clearly understand any treatments, work, and overall dental improvement plans for each of us. Our comfort has always been their primary concern.

Dr. Gandhi and his entire staff are a pleasure to deal with. The clinic is modern, clean, and organized, and all of our dental experiences have been excellent. The entire team treats every patient, every procedure, no matter big or small with the same importance and professionalism. All of us have had a wide variety of dental services, from simple cleanings, to more complicated extractions, and caps with great service from everyone each and every time.

We have recommended family members to Meadowglen Dental Care, and their experiences have been the same as ours.

We are very lucky to have Dr. Gandhi and his team at Meadowglen available to us here in Whitby.


Approximately, 10 years ago my previous Dentist attached a small bar to my two front teeth, because they were loose. I started getting infection in the gums above these teeth. The infection hurt if I pushed on it and I would get a bad taste in my mouth. I put off doing anything about this ignoring the advice of Dr. Gandhi. Finally, I realized that this infection was going through my body and had been all this time. I decided to have Dr. Gandhi pull the teeth and he inserted a temporary bridge. It is the best thing I ever did! No infection, no bad taste, no more bad breath, each day I felt a little more energy.. This procedure was painless thanks to Dr. Gandhi and his staff expertise. For years I never really smiled as these teeth were crooked and chipped and now I smile all the time. I am 73 years old and it’s never too late.

Thank you everyone at Meadowglen Dental Care