Abscessarea of localized pus formation
Bondingapplication of tooth-coloured filling material (composite resin) to a tooth for repair/correction of fractures, wear, colour, or misalignment
Bridge (conventional)a fixed prosthesis (doesn’t get taken out) used to replace missing teeth whereby adjacent teeth receive crowns and an artificial tooth is supported by the crowns

Bridge (Maryland)a fixed prosthesis used to replace missing teeth whereby adjacent teeth receive metal supports to which an artificial tooth is attached; not as strong as a conventional bridge

Caries (tooth decay) a bacterial process whereby bacteria ferment sugars available in food particles left on teeth into an acid which will demineralize the tooth resulting in a cavity

Crowna tooth is recontoured and reduced in size by approximately 1mm or so to allow room for a crown to fit over top of the tooth to add strength as well as restore form and function to an otherwise weaker tooth


Crown Lengtheninga surgical procedure during which the gum and bone tissue is removed and recontoured to expose healthy tooth structure to allow restoration of a tooth

Denturesa removeable acrylic prosthesis (can be taken out of the mouth) used to replace missing teeth

Gingivectomythe removal of gum (gingival) tissue to create an area of self cleansing whereby infection has been removed; may also be done for cosmetic purposes


Gingivitis (gum disease)inflammation of the gum tissue caused by the build up of plaque and calculus

Impacted tootha tooth which is blocked from full eruption by soft tissue, bone, or another tooth

Implanta surgical procedure in which an anchor is placed within the bone, time allowed for healing and integration of the bone with the anchor, and a tooth then fitted to the anchor


Invisalign orthodontic treatment which uses clear plastic trays to reposition teeth rather than using conventional brackets; applicable for minor to moderate orthodontics

Mouth Guarda protective appliance worn by individuals who participate in contact sports or sports where damage to the teeth and jaw joint may be anticipated

Night Guarda custom made appliance that is worn by individuals who grind or clench their teeth in order to protect their teeth and jaw joint during grinding or clenching


Orthodontics the use of fixed or removeable appliances for the purpose of repositioning teeth and for changing jaw relationships

Periodontal diseasegum disease that has progressed to cause inflammation of deeper tissues including bone; pocketing of greater than 4mm

Plaque – loose food debris left behind on teeth colonized by bacteria; once plaque calcifies and hardens it is known as calculus


Post and Corea procedure that occurs after a root canal if there is more than 50% loss of tooth structure; procedure involves placing a titanium post in the nerve canal to anchor the core (filling) in place

Root Canala procedure whereby infected and/or necrotic nerve tissue is removed from the nerve canal and replaced with a rubberized filling material

Root Planingfor patients with periodontal disease, a process whereby the roots surfaces are cleaned and smoothed to facilitate the reattachment of gum tissue


Scalingremoval of plaque and calculus from tooth surfaces above the gumline or just slightly below but above the root surface

Sealantsthe preventative placement of a plastic coating to fill in deep grooves in teeth where decay may be prone to develop

Soft Tissue Managementa gum treatment program designed for patients with periodontal disease; involves deep cleaning possibly with freezing in multiple appointments, subgingival debridement with an antibacterial solution, and fluoride application; followed by a re-evaluation of the gum tissue in six weeks followed by a three month maintenance program


Space Maintainera fixed appliance designed to hold space for an adult tooth to erupt once a primary tooth is lost

Tooth surfaces occlusal/incisalthe chewing surface of the tooth mesial – the surface of the tooth closest to the midline distal – the surface of the tooth closest to the back of the mouth lingual – the inside surface of the tooth, closest to the tongue buccal/facial – the outside surface of the tooth, closest to the cheek/lips

Veneer (porcelain)a porcelain shell that can be cemented to the buccal portion of the tooth to restore teeth that are chipped, stained, or misaligned


Whiteninga cosmetic procedure done to whiten the teeth; when done using the procedure offered in the office, it involves the fabrication of custom whitening trays and then using a carbamide peroxide whitening gel; procedure can be done in 7 or 8 days at home or 1 hour in the office